Editorial: Live wresting bring energy and excitement to lorain

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Maximum Assault Wresting in Lorain Ohio/Photo by Marcus Atkinson

Marcus Atkinson

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Lorain – Revitalization of Lorain has been primarily focused on the downtown area, with the city using much of its economic resources to a 1 mile radius, however Lorain is a much larger city, and there are those that want to see more than just downtown improve.

Over a quarter of Lorain’s population is Hispanic, and most of them live on the city’s South side, and Saturday that is where professional entertainment wrestling took place.  Maximum Assault Wresting was held at the Puerto Rican home with attendance at capacity, those who came late, stood up.

Not only was the night entertaining, but whole families came out to the event, husbands with wives, and their children and everyone enjoyed themselves.  When a tag team name Latin Revolution came to the ring young people began to chant, “Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico”, to root them on.

Violent? Admittedly so, however it is comparable to what children see and hear on television and it provides a safe alternative to the South side of Lorain.  The wrestlers were fan friendly, before and after matches, the children loved it.

Truth is the night was more than a wrestling match; it was a living example of how Lorain’s own can come together and create a night for family that is economical, safe, and helps the economy the small business – which ultimately is what keeps an economy going.  Volunteers such as local radio DJ Jose Pepe Rivera, a long time staple and celebrity in his own right, co-hosted and also co-announced the event which will air on television in the future. The Puerto Rican home served traditional Hispanic food like pastalillos and pasteles. , admission cost was only 10 dollars.

Lorain is a city with much history, a place which once was a major hub of commerce, a major hub of transportation, the people are there and the desire is there to make the city strong once again, al lies needed is a catalyst to making Lorain a major entertainment destination.





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